Sudrania offers its tech products on license. We are an AWS Consulting partner and provide AWS/ Cloud consulting to financial services firms.

The technology services we provide are

You want to build a portal which your customers can use with your branding and your company URL? We have white label solution which can be used to increase sales and retain all your customers. This can be done with one easy request to us. Contact Us now!

So you want to use Seamless On Cloud or wants a version of it running in a different data center? We have easy licensing options to pick from. We will set things up and provide support while you get up to speed. With our professional managed services you can never go wrong.

We have in house developers and engineers who are proficient in creating anything between simple site to complex application. Check out products like Seamless, Common Subdoc, Investor Portal and websites including, You have technical needs and we have solutions. Just need technical architects to look at the problem you are trying solve? We have highly trained consultants and experienced AWS engineers who can help you.

You have IT and finance projects but don’t know where to start? We can provide project management support. You can pick engineers and developers from anywhere in the world and we will provide 24 hours project management support.

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