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The most complex challenge in the context of financial planning is taxation along with the evolving and ever-changing regulatory framework. If you want to get your tax filing and accounting done then you can opt for the accounting firms in Chicago. Our experienced team devises effective strategies for their clients in order to manage compliance-related requirements and to optimize their taxes. Sudrania LLC is your partner in the crucial times with much-needed assistance to your businesses in the audit and tax season. The financial advisory services of the company will eventually help you in building wealth and manage your money.

Services include:

Filing of federal income tax return annually with the International Revenue Service (IRS) or with the state. We also assist our clients in tax return preparation.

The tax consultancy services of the company advise on tax filing, keeping in mind all the tax laws and regulations. Schedule K-1 serves the same purpose for tax reporting as Form 1099. This tax document comprises of your share of the partnership's income, deductions, and credits. The company also deals with international tax services in order to provide better benefits to the clients.

Managing and keeping a track on the status of your federal income tax refund, hence making your life simple.

The corporate compliance services help in defining specific policies which will detect any violation of regulations and laws that apply to agents or employees. If you have made a goal and you wish to achieve it with a good profit, you need to avail the services of compliance consulting firms. We are Providing FATCA compliance and its related advisory and tax services - US, UK, Cayman Islands, BVI, Bermuda, etc.

Assistance in preparing PFIC statements.