Seamless PREQ

Seamless PREQ is a cloud-based technology platform tailored to the specific workflow and requirements of private equity funds,fund managers and special purpose vehicles which is designed and developed by Sudrania Fund Services Corp. Seamless PREQ makes it easy to go through the process from preparation of capital calls and distributions, keeping investor database, accounting to investor reporting, investor onboarding, and waterfall calculations with extensive utilization of technology.

Seamless PREQ is SOC1 / SOC2 / SOC3 certified proprietary software.

Our professional team delivers complete comfort, starting from investor onboarding to getting the audit done. We help you to go through all the processes to get things onboard, whether you are switching from an administrator or starting with a new one.

The salient features which differentiate Seamless from others are:

  • Seamless PREQ software – Accounting and reporting for private equity funds
  • Investor Portal – Online dashboard for investors with summary and statement available to all the investors 24/7
  • CommonSubDoc Portal – Investor onboarding portal, can be accessed by fund managers and investors
  • Flexibility of API Integration with other platforms and websites
  • Investor support and AML/ KYC services
  • Quick onboarding and full replication of historical data
  • Year-end taxation services
  • Top of the line services with experienced and knowledgeable staff
  • Straight forward pricing (All technology / portals / services included)


If technology cannot reduce the cost of operations then the technology is not doing its job. Why would you use a software if its more expensive and time consuming?

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