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Seamless, our proprietary fund administration software, is built on the cloud and created to address market inefficiencies. Seamless provides a fully auditable general ledger, robust investor recordkeeping and reporting capabilities.

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Fund Administration

  • Daily reconciliation of trades, positions, and cash balances
  • Daily portfolio and fund accounting
  • Robust NAV reporting package
  • Full transaction ledger of trading and non-trading activity
  • Daily management and performance fee calculations
  • Daily maintenance of cash and (?) general ledger
  • Investor statement preparation and distribution
  • User-friendly investor web portal
  • Easy historical accounting uploads

Investor Services

  • Subscription, redemption, and transfer transaction processing
  • AML controls and checks, according to fund domicile
    • Maintenance of investor documents and (available for audit)
    • Answer to investor queries and information requests
    • Respond to data and information requests from local regulators, directors, and/or corporate secretaries

Mutual Fund Expertise

  • SEC Registered Transfer Agent
  • Experience with high frequency, indexing, credit, event-driven, global macro, arbitrage, and other strategies
  • Ability to integrate and easily pull data from multiple brokers, custodians, and market data providers
  • No extra charge for derivatives including options, futures, and other OTC securities
  • T + 0 reporting
  • Daily cash and position reconciliations
  • Advanced Risk and Exposure reporting
  • Data submission and submission of NAVs to third party including advisor, pricing services, and reporting agencies
  • Production of administrator’s transparency report (ATR)

Financial Statement Preparation

  • Preparation of year-end and semi-annual financials in accordance with US GAAP or IFRS
  • Communicating and liaising with auditors
  • Respond to audit queries and adjust financials as needed
  • Preparation of quarterly or semi-annual financial statements and complete audit support

Year-End Taxes

  • Preparation of federal or state tax returns
  • Generation of Schedule K-1s and/or PFIC reporting for investors
  • Generating 1099s, 1042s etc. and E-filing of respective returns
  • Distribution of K-1s and any other tax reporting to investors

Compliance and Reporting

  • Investor anti-money laundering (AML) / Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Adherence to Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)
  • Common Reporting Standard (CRS) compliance
  • SEC Form PF preparation
  • Form 13F filing


  • API integration with the top cryptocurrency exchangesIntegration with top brokers and custodians
  • Connectivity to multiple data and pricing sourcesConnectivity to multiple data and pricing sources
  • Daily NAV calculations for all clientsQuick onboarding and conversions from existing administrators
  • Exceptional service from experienced and knowledgeable staffStraightforward and highly competitive pricing
  • Quick onboarding and conversions from existing administratorsDaily NAV calculations for all clients
  • Quick onboarding and conversions from existing administratorsWhite-labeled investor portal
  • Quick onboarding and conversions from existing administratorsExceptional service from experienced and knowledgeable staff

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