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Sudrania Fund Services Corp. was founded in 2016 with a mission to make post-trade reporting simple and effortless. From reporting to daily reconciliation, valuation to quarterly flings and year-end audit to tax prep, we serve all your back office and reporting requirements. We replace spreadsheet solutions with modern technology solutions and take it to a next level. With our founding team’s 15+ years of experience are proudly serving the CTA community. We bring you our secure, SOC1/SOC2/SOC3 certified proprietary software. Seamless offers transparency in the accounting process as well as improved data and reporting features. Seamless Solution is a multi-currency, multi-asset class and a multi-structure solution. Whether you trade ETF’s, equities, fixed Income, cryptocurrencies or anything else, Seamless can process it all by consolidating your report.

Seamless CTA features:

  • SMA/Pool accounting
  • NFA filings
  • Overnight Reconciliations
  • Connectivity to multiple data and pricing sources
  • NAV on a daily basis – standard feature
  • Top of the line service with experienced and knowledgeable staff
  • 24/7 support available with offices around the globe
  • Manager level data and reporting software
  • White-labeled investor portal and easy onboarding platform with e-signatures and automated AML/KYC check
  • Year-end taxation services
  • Straight-forward pricing and all software included – standard feature
  • Quick onboarding and full replication of data since fund inception


If technology cannot reduce the cost of operations then the technology is not doing its job. Why would you use a software if its more expensive and time consuming?

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