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We want to make it easier for our customers to use our technology platform the Seamless Solution. We offer additional services to compliment the software solution as well as help reduce redundancy in your operations while working with us.

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Seamles SPV

Seamless SPV provides a fully automated solution for accounting and yearend tax returns for closed ended SPV’s. We offer a flat, low fee to drive investment and improve the return for your investors. We handle capital calls, distributions and AML controls. We report to investors on a quarterly basis with an online investor portal provided for your clients.

The salient features which differentiateSeamless from others are:


General ledger

GL Based Fund Accounting

Doing fund accounting or investor allocation in the absence of general ledger, can be a real pain at the time of financial and regulatory audit. Leave this hassle to us, because we have Seamless for you. It is a General Ledger based accounting system which fully automate journal entries in the system as soon as transactions are entered into the system.


Portfolio Reports

Transactions Based Portfolio Reports

Are you tired of using the old techniques of capturing the holdings from custodians for providing the reports & analytics? Seamless captures all the transactions, whether trading or other, to prepare a portfolio, valuations, and balances, so it not only serves the portfolio analytics functions but also produces full transaction ledger.


Analytics & Data

Analytics & Data Management

Seamless offers custom reporting database choices to the user (any SQL or NoSQL) as well as analytics solutions (Slamdata, Tableau or any other business analytics solution of your choice).

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