Seamless R.E.

Seamless Real Estate is a dedicated software solution keeping your real-estate investments in mind. Seamless Real Estate can do property level accounting and accounting multiple properties within a vehicle or fund of fund. Cash flows can also be handled at the fund level or the property level with the ability to keep track of investors for separate properties as side pockets.

The salient features which differentiate Seamless from others are:

  • Top of the line service with experienced and knowledgeable staff
  • 24/7 support available with offices around the globe
  • Manager level data and reporting software
  • White-labelled investor portal and easy onboarding platform with e-signatures and automated AML/KYC check
  • Year-end taxation services
  • Straight-forward pricing and all software included - standard feature
  • Quick onboarding and full replication of data since fund inception


If technology cannot reduce the cost of operations then the technology is not doing its job. Why would you use a software if its more expensive and time consuming?

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