What is Seamless?

Seamless is our proprietary fund administration software created to address inefficiencies within the legacy fund administration setup. Built on the cloud an accessible from any web browser, Seamless is a multi-currency solution designed strategically to handle any asset class or fund structure. Created for CTA/CPO’s, hedge funds, fund of funds, family offices and institutional asset allocators. Seamless has API integration and connectivity with many large brokerages and data vendors to automate the accounting and reporting processes. We add transparency to the process by providing a full list of trades, market data and dozens of insightful reports. Seamless’s flexibility is unmatched and our inhouse development team is capable of personalizing features to suit the needs of your organization.

Why Seamless?

Seamless is feature rich in various areas including portfolio reporting, fund accounting, investor allocations, and fee calculations. It is also designed to assist the user in tax preparations, regulatory filings, and audit support.

  • Connectivity to multiple data and pricing sources
  • NAV on a daily basis - standard
  • Top of the line service with experienced and knowledgeable staff
  • Support available 24/7 with offices around the globe
  • Manager level data and reporting software
  • White-labeled investor portal and easy onboarding platform with e-signatures and automated AML/KYC check
  • Year-end Taxes
  • Straight-forward pricing and all software included - standard
  • Quick onboarding and full replication of data since fund inception


If technology cannot reduce the cost of operations then the technology is not doing its job. Why would you use a software if its more expensive and time consuming?

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