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about sudrania fund services
Our philosophy is simple

If technology cannot reduce the cost of operations, then the technology is not doing its job.

After spending 15 years as an executive in fund administration and watching technology disrupt numerous legacy industries, Nilesh Sudrania recognized that fund administration had yet to embrace technology.

Nilesh saw the possibility of transforming the industry and knew he could utilize technology to launch one of the most innovative and efficient firms in back office services. With the ambition of using the cloud to offer a fund administration platform that covers every asset class and combines scattered solutions, Seamless was born.

Nilesh’s primary goal with Seamless was to address all of the asset classes in one easy-to-use application. Through technology, we are able to offer the fastest turnaround of data and reports in the industry. Seamless is cloud-based, which means users with a secure login, and an internet connection can view dozens of reports and the most up-to-date performance and analytics.

We now have well over 200 satisfied clients around the world across all major asset classes – liquid and illiquid, including digital assets. We’ve proudly opened our doors to both institutional-grade and emerging manager funds, providing the highest level of service to all of our clients, regardless of size. We view our like-minded clients as long-term partners who seek a technology-driven solution to add value to their investors.

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Our Differentiation

What Makes Us Unique?

Sudrania’s edge in the industry is Seamless, our proprietary state-of-the art cloud-based fund administration software, built by fund administration veterans. Seamless simplifies your back office by combining dozens of programs into one, allowing trades, accruals, and transactions to be uploaded in minutes and generating a multitude of easy-to-read reports daily. As part of our standard package, you receive daily NAV, investor and manager portals, as well as the ability to make investor subscription documents e-signature and signable in seconds. Additionally, our service to our clients is exemplary. Your dedicated contact representative and team are available around the clock, 365 days per year, to provide you the highest quality service in the industry.

Our secure investor onboarding platform makes processing of capital activity simple, automating the Anti-Money Laundering (AML)/Know Your Customer (KYC) process and allowing digital signatures for ease. Our proprietary technology solution is what sets us apart.
Our Seamless software solution was built by fund administration veterans specifically to work with any and all types of funds, including hedge funds, private equity funds, credit funds, mutual funds, cryptocurrency funds, and many, many more. We have broad capabilities and expertise with all financial instruments, including equities, fixed income, options, futures, swaps, and every other form of asset or derivative. Seamless uses a multi-currency platform that allows for investments or denominations in other currencies, including cryptocurrencies.
Every client is a valued client. Through the power of automation, daily NAV means daily reports for you and on-time statements for your investors. Month-end statements are sent within five business days to each of your investor.
No more stress and headache with on-boarding. All clients are onboarded in 14 days or less. We try to make this process as easy as possible for you and your investors.
Daily returns and tax documents are all available on a white-labeled investor portal, meaning you can provide institutional-level service to your investors at a fraction of the cost. Make your new investors’ life easy with our proprietary CommonSubDoc, which allows your investors to easily e-sign their subscription and redemption documents.

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