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Our proprietary technology solution is what sets us apart. Our secure investor onboarding platform makes of processing capital activity simple, automating the AML/KYC process and allowing digital signatures for ease. Seamless 2020, our full-scale general ledger fund accounting and reporting solution that adds transparency and provides unparalleled data for the user, accessible via web browsers. Seamless is built as a multi-asset, multi-currency structure capable of handling any fund structure. The flexibility of the technology solution allows our tech team to work directly with you to address your specific needs. Our technology will reduce your cost, save you time and significantly improve your investor satisfaction.
Our greatest asset is our people. The Sudrania team consists over 150 talented individuals, many with over 15 years of industry experience both in fund administration and technology. The depth of skill and experience is outstanding. The technology being our tool, combined with our knowledgeable team we will surpass your expectations.
We understand the need for solid infrastructure. We have the technology and an excellent collection of people in place. Physical infrastructure is in place between our multiple offices, while our digital cloud setup provides for disaster recovery and continuous data backup. Our SOC1, SOC2 and SOC3 audits can assure you that our internal controls are strong and that your data is secure.
We take substantial pride in our partners and the clients we work with. Connecting with our clients and addressing their needs is our strong suit and we are always there to help with timely support and assistance around the clock. Our technology and design team will work diligently with you to ensure that your data and reporting needs are met. We understand that when our clients are successful, we are successful. Our solutions are transparent, pricing is all-inclusive and switching to Sudrania is quick and painless.

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